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"A Review Is Only Information, Not A Definition." - Mike Myers

"Never Stop Learning: For When We Stop Learning, We Stop Growing"

- Jack Lewman

DARE Collective Reviews

DARE Collective's associated artists are proponents of learning and growing our practice through the observation and critical analysis of our peers. Therefore, Our artists are encouraged to write theatrical reviews for productions that they see.

Our reviews are designed to be an honest and constructive opinion so that audiences and peers can be aware of what is put into a show and what is required for it's success. They are also strongly recommended to be encouraging to the general public to support more theatre.  

Our team of reviewers are asked to stick within the following parameters and specifics:

  • A 1000 word limit

  • An analysis of the Who, What, Where, How and most importantly Why?

  • Highlighting observations that align with DARE Collectives key principles including Risk and Collaboration.

  • Be Encouraging.

Be More Chill.
Old Nick Company Summer School

Playhouse Theatre, Hobart

February 14, 2020

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