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What's On 2024

Death Of A Salesman - February 21st - 24th
Carking It - April 10th
The Almighty Sometimes - August 21st
Puffs - December 4th - 7th


Honesty & Transparency. Risk. Trust. Collaboration.
Don't Ask, Risk Everything

DARE Collective was officially founded in 2020, endeavouring to provide a platform for artists to create with boldness and daring. We champion creatives who think outside the box, push the envelope, and challenge themselves to test the limits of all elements of the performing arts. DARE was named a Collective to align with our key pillars of Honesty & Transparency, Risk, Trust and Collaboration. Our goal is to cultivate an environment where everyone – whether performer, collaborator, or audience member – feels a part of the DARE Collective. By continuing to cultivate the strong theatre culture in Launceston, our aim is to ensure that artists can remain in our beautiful state and feel empowered to create the art that they connect with.

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